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“May God bless us still, so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.” —Psalm 67:7

What is Faith Promise Giving?

PROMISE indicates a commitment, and FAITH means that we are trusting God to help us fulfill that commitment in a given period. Faith Promise Giving is not your tithe or a portion of your tithe. It is giving to missions over and above the tithe. Your tithe is the Lord’s, given back to Him in your local church. A faith promise is a sacred commitment, a spiritual agreement between you and God as you commit to help fulfill God’s plan to reach a lost world. It is a way of giving to the cause of the gospel.

Who can make a Faith Promise?

Every CCBCer can make a faith promise: members or attenders—even children—and those whom God has touched to give to missions.

If you are unsure where to get the amount to fulfill your Faith Promise, this is a perfect time to practice your faith. It could be that God would increase your income or might decrease your expenses. God may also lead you to make some sacrifices. Pray and commit your actions to the LORD.

I do not have much, how much should I pledge?

No amount is too small. God honors and uses our obedience more than the amount of our gift. Limited income should not keep us from exercising faith. Our Faith Promise is determined by what GOD wants to accomplish through us—not by what we think we can or might be able to reasonably give on our own. It stretches us beyond our ability as we obediently wait on the Lord to provide.

Who will be the recipients of our giving?

We support three sets of missionaries: (1) those doing cross-cultural ministry, (2) those engaged in church mobilization, and (3) missions agencies CCBC has partnered with. You will note that we support workers in a particular unreached people groups. (Worker’s names are not mentioned for security reasons)

How should I fill out a Faith Promise form?

First, commit yourself to the Lord and His purposes. Seek the Lord’s mind for the amount that you can give by God’s provision in the next 12 months for missions. Choose which mode of participation you would like to engage with CCBC’s MFP program by filling up the form and tick the box that is appropriate to your choice. Commit to the Lord through prayer.

How do I remit my Faith Promise Giving?

Please inform our office or the pastors as you send your support to our CCBC bank accounts. For more information on how to give, please visit our page at: Give – Capitol City Baptist Church

Please inform us of your name, indicate that the amount you will give is a Faith Promise fund for missions or designate it to a particular CCBC endorsed missionary that you have promised to support.


The Builders

(CBAP) Life and livelihood for a least-reached tribe in the Philippines

Edwin & Alice Dalimbang

(CBAP) Livelihood training, disciple-making and community building among the Thai people.

Julius & May Andrada

(Deaf) Proclaiming the Word to those who cannot hear.

Rey & Maya Maclang

(Ethnos Asia) Serving the persecuted Pakistani migrants in Bangkok.

Junn & Anne Esteban

(SIL, Ethno-Arts) Training churches to produce indigenous songs and art forms to proclaim the Word.

Mitch Sabas

(CBAP) Serving children in East Asia.

Ken Taylor

(WorldVenture) Black gospel choral music for the Japanese youth.

Ryan & Diolia Galorport

(TAP) Translating the Bible to the northern Subanen language.

Ruel & Beth Muje

(Jubilee Hong Kong) Pastor-teachers for OFWs in Hong Kong.

Gul & Naushad Edwin

(Zarephath Bible Institute) Making disciples among the youth of Pakistan.

Rajen & Shristi Ghorasaine

(Nepal) Teaching, preaching, mentoring, and making disciples in Nepal.

Sugun & Nelu

Serving and Reaching the least-reached people in Sri-Lanka

Gonzalo “Laloy” Corcuerra

(Ethnos Asia) Serving the Sindhi people of Pakistan with the good news of Christ.

Missions Mobilizers

Albert & Marife Palima

(CCC, Family Ministries) Seeing the transforming power of the gospel impact marriages and homes.

Rey & Gloria Avante

(CBAP) Moving CBAP churches towards Vision 2025 and campaigning to be effective ministers to children.

Philip & Rica Tarroja

(Training) Teaching and training leaders for transformation.

Flor Pangga

Challenging and mentoring the younger generation for missions.

Rene Atienza

(EE International) Challenging churches to equip disciples to be effective witnesses.

Efren & Celia Quejada

(Simply Mobilizing, Phils.) Mobilizing churches for missions through the Kairos course.

Randolph & Jot Velasquez

(Wavemakers) Helps finish the Great Commission in all Asian nations by being Jesus’ disciple and making disciple-makers.

Shamira Japitana

(Wavemakers) Coaching Christian leaders in the life and strategy of Christ to produce disciple-makers among emerging generations and nations.

Jean Galang

(Wavemakers) Empowers churches for community engagement through strategic advocacies creating disciple-making movements among the youth and families.

Missions Agencies

Fourteen (14) Unreached People Groups in the Philippines and East Asia

(click the people groups below for more information)

Become a Faith Promise keeper today!

Join God in serving and blessing the nations!