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Pandemic Times!

Lockdown started on March 16, 2020 and we all stayed in our homes. We cannot get out. We cannot meet in groups and if we do we should be one meter apart and so comes Social Distancing. No more Face to Face meetings allowed… What happens to the WITNESS Ministry? We cannot do the training and no more On the Job Training.

God is Good!

He granted wisdom to Ptr. Rey Bechayda and Ptr. Rene Atienza. “QUICKSHARE” was created.  QUICKSHARE is an OnLine way of Sharing the Gospel. God made use of the Technology of our time so that we won’t STOP sharing the Good News of salvation. We  were able to reach out to our Love Ones , Friends  and Relatives wherever they are. God has proven Himself Faithful. In May, 2020 the First Batch of Quickshare started from MMIM and CCBC. Then by the grace of God through the invitation of Ptr. Rene, QuickShare reached New Zealand, USA, Hongkong, Italy, Canada, Hawaii, Saipan, Belgium. In the Philippines, Quickshare was brought to our Outreaches in Batangas and Marinduque, Iloilo, Baler, Samar, as well as other churches like GCF (Greenhills Christian Fellowship), Grace Christian Church of the Philippines and many more. Truly it has become BORDERLESS…

Here are at least 2 wonderful and blessed testimonies of 2 persons who accepted the challenge of being equipped with QUICKSHARE:

“Good evening po Pastor Rene. Meron akong i-share na good news na ginawa ng Diyos doon sa na shareran ko sa Quick Share. Siya si Ruel Ranoa. Siya iyong na kwento ko po last graduation, na nanaginip siyang hindi makapasok sa langit. God is so good dahil meron na siyang work ngayon online. Finance Manager sa isang company sa USA. CPA kasi siya. Na stranded siya dito sa Manila dahil sa lockdown. Paalis na siya sa Saudi. Taga Mindanao siya, kapitbahay ko sa probinsya. So habang naghihintay siya, sabi ko mag-apply siya sa online job. At binigay naman ni Lord. Maraming salamat po Pastor sa Quick Share at tinanggap niya si Jesus at blessings came to him. He is so thankful na nakilala niya c Jesus. Amen.”

— Elvie Najos

“What a blessing! This is my daughter Michelle ( 47) with whom I shared parts of the gospel over the years but have never explained the full gospel at one time as presented and trained to do in EE and recently in Quickshare. I’ve been praying lately again for her over the past year. We hadn’t connected with each other for over two years. Yesterday, mid-afternoon she messaged me out of the blue (Praise God!) When I first started with Quickshare, I thought of her as my first prospect but I dismissed the idea because we hadn’t been in touch for quite a while. She was delighted that I replied so quickly and step by step from engaging questions and slowly moving on to launching questions and then the diagnostic ones. Moving patiently forward thinking it was going to halt or crash at any moment The minutes turned into hours ( 5 hours! I counted I’m a slow typist.) We went together just the three of us, her, the Holy Spirit and me. A very very long wait for an answered prayer. Since 1990 (when I received Christ) to yesterday. She is now my daughter in Christ.

Praise the Lord! I’m rejoicing with the angels! I have often said that for as long as they have breath and I have breath, I will pray and witness to them.”

— Senior Citizen from Toronto, CA

Helen Cama Cavite