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Music is one of the ways God brings us comfort during difficult times. This song, For All You’ve Done by Don Moen has done just that to our family.

We give thanks
We give praise
For we know
That all things work together
For our good

We give thanks
We give praise
For by faith
We know your grace
Will see us through

For All You’ve Done” by Don Moen

As some of you know, two weeks ago, my sister-in-law Nene (Joy’s younger sister) and her husband Mon, were admitted to a hospital because of Covid pneumonia. Mon had the milder disease but Nene needed to be admitted at the ICU. Because it was Covid, their two sons had to be quarantined at home. Being sick with serious illness is difficult enough, but not having your family around and being anxious about them also, make it a lot worse.

What did we, as a family, do during that time? We prayed. We cried. We worshipped. And one of the songs God used to minister to us was that song we learned in the 1990s. We knew that God would see us through and remembered that He has been faithful, loving and powerful in the past and He’s not going to change. We knew that He could heal, though we didn’t know if it was in His plan to heal Mon and Nene. Even then, we had peace because we knew God is Sovereign.

What eventually happened was Mon recovered and was discharged from the hospital after a week and we look forward to Nene recovering soon too. She has recently been transferred from the ICU to a regular room. The couple is sending their thanks to the CCBC family especially the prayer warriors of the Midweek Encounter with God (MEG) and Saturday Dawn Prayer (SDP).As a church family, we thank and praise God for how He takes care of us everyday. We thank Him for the friendships and relationships we have with each other. We thank Him for the activities He blesses us with. Last week we had the Daily Vacation Bible School for kids and Women’s Connect which tackled the relevant topic of How to Move Forward from Worries, Doubts and Fears. We appreciate our Young Adults Ministry (YAM) for thriving in their Spark Fellowships and other activities as well as Youth@111 for their Serve God initiatives and stories. For sure, God is doing more than what we can see and for that we give Him thanks.

On the other hand, we also have some sad news. Bro. Nelson Loterinia, CCBC’s former Church Administrator passed away last week. So did Pastor Roehl Ondoy of Christ’s Beloved Community Church Marikina. Several of our church members, relatives and friends are battling serious illnesses. Many are experiencing financial troubles. Our students and teachers face a lot of uncertainties.

With this in mind, I sing with conviction the other part of the song:

“For all those things
That we don’t understand
We come by faith
And place them in your hands”

For All You’ve Done” by Don Moen

Yes, we give thanks and praise for we know that by faith, God will see us through.

How about you, what is your song?

Praying for God’s best for all of you,

CCBC Executive Pastor

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