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A worship leader had to record numerous audio files and video files for worship leading and a special celebration. It was a tedious weekend for her, more than what she expected, maybe even more than what she could really handle, but she completed it.

A tech support travelled to and from church every weekend even when he was low on budget and had personal struggles of his own. He sets up the recording equipment with a smile, listens and assists with utmost care and support for every team that comes to the studio.

A missionary was asked to share their own God-story. In doing so, He had to travel again and again from his no network location to a place where there was a network,  just to upload a 7-minute video file. It was physically exhausting, maybe even emotionally frustrating, but the files were sent.

These are some of the storylines I directly witnessed throughout 2021 as I served alongside our worship ministers. One thing they all had in common was this statement—“ALL FOR JESUS!”

I remember hearing these specific words echo throughout the sanctuary before and after our face-to-face worship services. Worship ministers would huddle together, stretch their arms one on top of another, and with gladness, shout in a chorus with fingers pointed up.

We may not hear the echoing “ALL FOR JESUS” as we used to, but no doubt, the hearts of our worship ministers continue to emerge and resound the same words until today – even louder and more genuine than ever.

Apple Casupanan