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In CCBC’s church@home, we shifted the thrust of our ministries from our building at West Avenue to our homes; and there, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and worship continued.

During one of our recent Baptism events, we witnessed this in a household.  Beng and Cheryll Gaviño and their daughter, Elle ministered to their househelps and it resulted to the three of them, Tenten, Denden and Pane following the Lord in the waters of baptism. Beng, as the head of the household, had the privilege to do their actual baptism.

Some weeks later, Rom and Cindy who attended the Art of Marriage (AOM) ministry and are also a part of the Life Group led by Beng and Cheryll, followed the Lord in the waters of baptism. Again, Beng had the privilege of doing the baptism.

I sensed the joy and peace in all of us who were there.  To be able to usher loved ones to the kingdom of God and invite them to be part of our church family is such a blessing.

The continuing challenge for us is to be active in the work of the Lord, including participating in online worship services and other ministries.

Praise God, we have become more intimate at the same time, borderless. Let’s take this opportunity to reach out to our loved ones in our households, and beyond.

Rev. J-cip Lim

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