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What does it mean to dream in a time of pandemic? I know many could relate to how our current situation has suffocated many aspirations. This was also something we wrestled with as leaders and volunteers of the youth ministry. Where do we go from here, we wondered.

One unassuming morning, I came across an article talking about dreams. The author said that we ought to “Dream big, hairy, audacious dreams for God.” If the dream is so big that I can’t accomplish it on my own, then it would require God’s Spirit, resources, and power to make it happen. And, oh boy, dream big, hairy, audacious dreams we did.

Photo: Our last Youth@111 Wave before the pandemic

This 2022, we will be turning in a new chapter. It was a decision of the youth ministry leadership that spanned some 16 months of listening to our Abba Father, countless Zoom meetings to discuss and pray, and hours and hours of collective dreaming for the next 20 years.

Together, we worked on everything new–vision, mission, values, ministry and accountability structures, strategies, philosophies, and even a new name. This change signifies several things: 1) a recommitment to the CCBC Vision, SENDCCBC, 2) a resolve to build deep in the inner lives of the youth, and 3) to revitalize our gospel-ministry to a fresh generation and the generations to come, both online and in-person.

We want to pass on the baton of making disciples

of all nations to the next generation who, in turn,

will keep on passing it on 20 years and beyond!

Why 20 years, you say? While we don’t know for certain what the coming years will bring, we want to approach this next chapter with as much faithfulness, enthusiasm, and determination as the past 20 years of Youth@111. We want to pass on the baton of making disciples of all nations to the next generation who, in turn, will keep on passing it on 20 years and beyond!

And it starts with this vision-picture: young people being grown to become changemakers wherever they are, living out Great Commission obedience as an overflow of deep intimacy with Jesus in their inner being. We’re ecstatic to think of the youth being changemakers in their families, schools, communities, and even online!

Photo: Our last Youth@111 Wave Online for 2021

And with this big, hairy, audacious goal in view, this as much is also clear to us: we can’t do it alone. “It takes a village to raise a child’, so the African proverb goes. Or, it will take a whole family to grow a changemaker.

So we invite you, dear CCBCer, to take part in this exciting endeavor by praying, discipling, and investing in the next generation of leaders. Will you also recommit, resolve, and revitalize for their sake? Let’s dream big dreams for the gospel together… forward.



Online Ministry Highlights:

  • Volunteers: 24
  • People Reached: 123,275
  • Engagements: 35,625
  • New Social Media Followers: 737
  • Community Online: 108
  • Fun fact: 3 episodes of our Facebook show, Kumustahan LIVE, was aired on radio in the Bicol Region via CARE 104.3 The WAY FM (FEBC)


2022 Prayer Points:

  • Preparations for the launch of the new youth ministry identity
  • Retooling of all youth ministry leaders–overseers, shepherds, and potential leaders
  • Open doors of opportunities for online and in-person ministries

Mark J. Cardenas