Discipleship and Training Stories

Disciplers of the CCBC youth, young adults, men and women got together and invested in further training on how to study the Bible, in order to share it with their respective flock. They dedicated five Sunday afternoons of two-hour online interaction with homework in between. Here is what a mother and her daughter who are both disciplers shared about attending Probe.

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Dear Shepherds

My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude every time I think of the disciplemaking leaders that God has raised up in CCBC. Leading and serving people can be joyful and challenging at the same time, but you have faithfully followed the Lord despite the changing seasons.

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A New Learning Group

Starting a Bible study group was really part of my plan since I moved up the corporate ladder. It definitely took some time for me to start it, since it seemed that every time I wanted to go ahead, problem after problem came about and due to the complexity and daily cadence of my multiple programs, this went to the backburner and I just couldn't get myself to start it.

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Love in Action

What started out as a simple Facebook status became a month-long venue through which God’s love and power was shown. It was at the end of June 2020, when Sis. Teri Lacayanga published a post on Facebook, sharing about the unfortunate situation of Lung Center medical frontliners.

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On Screen

The only way we can reach and teach children nowadays is to use the screen. Whatever video chat provider there may be, it is deemed as the best way to get in touch with the kids at present. With the quarantine restrictions imposed, kids are not allowed to go out anywhere.

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