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CCBC is blessed to be a blessing! We are able to help the out-of-school youth and adults who have missed their basic education. This ministry has been spearheaded and continued by Sir Gerry Batac, our CCBC ALS Instructional Manager. Know more about the latest good news! 

CCBC ALS Batch 2020

Three (3) of our learners in the secondary level passed the portfolio assessment for Batch 2020. They have passed the Grade 10 level and can now enroll in Grade 11. 

ALS virtual graduation was held last Oct, 13, 2021, sponsored by the DEPED Quezon City. ALS CCBC Graduates are:

  • Rael Paula F. Batac
  • Anna Marie S. Cudal
  • Roxanne Luyas Santiago

Sa Diyos ang Papuri!

CCBC ALS Batch 2021-22

  • Total number of enrolled students = 25
  • 1 Elementary level 
  • 24 secondary level

Classes are held every Saturday from 8 to 5pm. Each learner is assigned with a specific time. We are finishing the lessons under LS1 Communication in English (22 modules)  and Filipino (20 modules). Enrollment is ongoing.

One learner who had Covid-19 is now fine. Praise the Lord!

CCBC ALS Learners are on their way to a brighter future!

Teacher Sarah So-Esteban