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by Adrian and Kristina de Ramos


“I was a single mother living with my parents, ever since my daughter was born.  When Adrian and I got married and started a family of our own, TWNAF (The World Needs a Father) seminar was a timely opportunity where I gained insights on how to support my husband in becoming the best father to our daughter. This seminar allowed me to keep in mind to always support him, let him lead our family and to make sure that he feels respected in every way. Through TWNAF, I learned how ‘father/mother wounds’ inflicted to us as a child can greatly affect who we are as an adult. I had my “oh..” and “aha!” moments and gave me a deeper understanding of myself, after talking about it with Adrian, it also allowed me to get to know him more. We are grateful for TWNAF for showing us how we can discipline our child through God’s wisdom, and in effect, we also discipline ourselves. TWNAF encouraged us to keep an intimate relationship with God as a family, follow the teachings of Jesus and allow Him to be our guide in our every action, thought and feeling. This has been a wonderful experience, especially for Adrian, as he realizes that Fatherhood is a Calling.”


“Dang and I got married last April 19, 2021. And as we entered this new phase, I started doubting and questioning my ability to be a good father to Ploning, our 7-year old daughter. But God answers and assures me through this seminar that fatherhood is stewardship. TWNAF gives us a better understanding of the depth of God’s love to us. Every moment and instance we spend with our child would make an impact on her. Every step we take as parents should be carefully considered along with our child’s needs.”

The World Needs a Father (TWNAF) is a seminar offered by the Discipleship and Training Ministry last July for fathers and mothers. Its vision is for stable families to experience heaven at home, with involved, engaged, loving fathers and mothers, who lead by example and create an atmosphere of warmth, acceptance and secure affirmation.

Pastor Bot Abelado

Pastor Bot is an associate pastor at Capitol City Baptist Church, and is focused on leading our Witness, Missions, and Outreach Ministries.

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