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Last year, Susan Bagcus, one of the CCBC missionaries in Thailand, went home to be with God.  In July this year, Ptr. Laloy Corcuera, a faithful missionary to Pakistan, also went home to be with the Lord. 

And just recently, Rev. Rene Atienza and his wife Stella, our faithful Mobilizers for Evangelism went home to be with God. Pastor Rene’s ministry is laser focused in sharing the Gospel to people from all walks of life, and to equip believers and churches around the globe. Sis. Stella’s ministry is to their family and cell group. She also provided editorial support in CCBC.

All these CCBC missionaries have finished the race and accomplished the task assigned to them by our God. They received the commendation from the Lord: “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” Indeed, they remained faithful to their call.  It is now our turn to continue what has been started and what has been left behind by those who have gone ahead of us. 

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, let’s remain faithful to our mission and to our calling.  Pray. Give. Reach out. Engage. Reach the unreached by praying for them. Support the missionaries through the missions faith promise.

Follow your call, if it is to be a missions frontliner, BE FAITHFUL… for the One Who called us is Faithful.

Pastor Bot Abelado

Pastor Bot is an associate pastor at Capitol City Baptist Church, and is focused on leading our Witness, Missions, and Outreach Ministries.