The Joys of a Life Group

Joy and Noele both serve with the Young Adults Ministry. Joy, along with Justin, leads and facilitates Word2022, YAM’s Bible Reading Campaign. Noele on the other hand, is a volunteer who assists Joy in executing the programs for Word2022. In terms of discipleship, Noelle is a fresh member of Joy’s Life Group. She joined just last year and we are happy to share their story:

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20 Years Forward

This 2022, we will be turning in a new chapter. It was a decision of the youth ministry leadership that spanned some 16 months of listening to our Abba Father, countless Zoom meetings to discuss and pray, and hours and hours of collective dreaming for the next 20 years.

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All in for Missions

2022 may be the right time for a fresh start in ministry involvement. But, it cannot be just going online, listening and talking; men like to go out and do things, bring back experiences from community work or mission adventures. They like to be physically engaged in reaching out to people, helping build lives.

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